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Focus on Micro-machining—— Worlida PCD Micro Drills

Focus on Micro-machining—— Worlida PCD Micro Drills


Drilling is a crucial process in machining. In contrast, when machining small holes with a diameter of 0.1mm to 3 mm, traditional methods often face challenges such as difficulty in chip removal, low cooling, short drill life, poor hole wall surface finish, and even defects such as hole edge collapse, cracks, and burrs when dealing with high hardness and wear-resistant materials such as quartz,  monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, ceramics, and titanium alloys. Consequently, drill bits and drill tips must be designed to meet extremely high processing demands.

Following in-depth research and precision design, Worldia has successfully developed and produced a series of diamond (PCD) micro drill tools. Diamond is known for its hardness, wear resistance, and excellent thermal conductivity, which makes it an ideal material for removing chips, cooling, and extending tool life. At the same time, the precision drill tip design ensures the surface finish of the hole wall and the integrity of the orifice, greatly reducing the probability of defects such as edge collapse, cracks, and burrs.


Worldia PCD micro drill series are commonly used in the semiconductor, aerospace, 3C industry, chips, and medical devices sectors.


Significant advantages of Worldia Diamond (PCD) micro drills:

  • Extended Service Life: Drill tips using integral diamond technology offer greater hardness and wear resistance compared to carbide drills. This is especially beneficial when working with challenging materials such as monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, ceramics, and quartz. PCD micro drills can significantly extend the tool's service life.
  • Excellent drilling accuracy: These drills are designed with a special drill tip and manufacturing accuracy of up to 5μm, ensuring that the diameter tolerance, roundness, and straightness of holes meet high precision requirements.
  • Superior Hole Quality: The PCD drills are designed with a low friction coefficient and low affinity for non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials, which helps reduce the built-up edge and maintain the smoothness of the hole wall. This design minimizes the risk of hole chipping and cracks when processing hard and brittle materials, and also helps avoid defects such as hole burrs when processing sticky
  • Depth-to-Diameter Ratio Up to 53 Times: The self-centering design of the drill tip, optimized chip removal flutes, guide edges, and special helix angle enable various series of PCD micro drills to meet different depth-to-diameter ratio requirements, reaching up to 53 times.



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