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Good news | "Worldia Innovation Award" ceremony!

Innovation is the first driving force for the development of an enterprise. By practicing a long-term mechanism that takes the enterprise as the main body of innovation and fully encourages talent innovation, Worldia not only meets the ever-increasing and changing market demands in terms of product innovation and technological innovation, but also at the management level, implement the company's training and incentive policies for high-end professional and technical talents. The long-term incentive mechanism of the quarterly and annual "Worldia Innovation Award" reflects the company's will focus on core business, diligently practice internal skills, and comprehensively improve comprehensive service capabilities. It is also the strong driving force for Worldia's that can rank first in the global high-end tool market..
In 2020, in order to continue to promote enterprise technological innovation, strengthen the protection of independent proprietary technology, and implement the technological innovation ecological mechanism, Worldia organized four innovation proposal selection activities on a quarterly cycle. Recently, the 2020 annual innovation awards were nominated: 10 invention awards, 21 optimization awards, and 13 efficiency improvement awards.
Comprehensive evaluation of awards in 2020

1.Enrichment of the subject content of the proposal.
This technical innovation proposal involves product technical innovation, production process optimization, production equipment maintenance, warehouse lean management and other aspects, fully demonstrating the continuous vitality of Worldia's technological innovation ecological mechanism.

2.Diversification of personnel participation.
The registration forms for participating in innovative proposals include individual declarations and team declarations. Individuals have also participated in the declaration proposals as members of multiple projects, reflecting the inclusiveness of teamwork and the motivational significance of doing their best.

3.Enthusiasm is high, and the number of personnel and project participation set a new record.
Different divisions compete to win: precision cutting tool division, ultra-precision cutter wheel division and polycrystalline materials division, etc. Different types of work have their own talents: technical research and development personnel, production and manufacturing front-line operators and workshop equipment maintenance personnel, warehouse management People and so on, different factories shine: the Jiaxing factory and the Langfang Dachang factory located in one south and one north, and develop together. The original intention and purpose of the "Worldia Innovation Award" has been realized.


The major achievement award for the 2020 Annual Innovation Award is the "PCBN Blade CA Coating" proposal from the Tool Technology R&D Center.

PCBN blade CA coating is a new tool coating designed for hardened steel PCBN tools. After actual verification, the CA coating has better high temperature resistance than the existing coating under the condition of high linear speed of hardened steel, thereby reducing the formation of craters and improving tool life.

The first prize of the 2020 Annual Innovation Award for Technological Invention was won by the cutter wheel technical team's "Brazed Forming Technology Innovation" proposal.

This proposal breaks the limitations of brazed precision grinding rod products; enriches the product's machinable models and specifications, and is applicable to a wider range of customers.
The selection of the 2020 Annual Innovation Awards has been successfully concluded. The CA coated PCBN blades and precision grinding rod series products have been recognized by users and the market. The award to the employees this time is also a tribute to the smart work of the Worldia people. The road to localization of high-end tools is still in progress. Worldia will continue to increase investment in research and development, continue to innovate and iterate, maintain the advancement and applicability of technology, and strive to provide global customers with high-tech and cost-effective products. , Looking forward to our next innovation! 

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