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Updated Milling Series: FMP-LN Shell Milling Cutter

Worldia has expanded the use of the FMP milling cutters by introducing the FMP-LN Shell Shoulder Milling Cutters series.

It is particularly used for face milling of cast iron and hardened steel, as well as square shoulders cylinder block, gearbox, machine tool guideways, machine tool bed and its parts, cylinder head. It facilitates the milling of cavity sidewall surfaces from roughing to finishing in a single process, thanks to its unique design and diverse selection of insert edges and grades. The FMP-LN shell shoulder milling cutter is designed to meet a wide range of customer needs, including surface roughness of machined parts, machining accuracy, and requirements for shape and position tolerance.



  • Innovative Shoulder Milling Design

The unique combination of vertical and horizontal inserts can ensure a precise lead angle of 90°, truly accurate shoulder and face milling of bottom surfaces and vertical side walls.


  • Excellent High-precision Performance

The FMP-LN shell milling cutter features a high-strength forged alloy steel cutter body. The machining process utilizes high-precision 5-axis machining equipment, ensuring accuracy through one-time clamping and hard milling for each link.

The cutter's positioning accuracy is less than 0.01mm, and the precision grinding insert's tolerance is also controlled to less than 0.01mm. The assembled tool's axial runout is controlled to be less than 0.02mm to ensure that the machining accuracy meets the required standards.


  • Easy to Operate

Unlike products that depend on tool setting instruments for adjustment accuracy, the precision manufacturing of the cutter and inserts ensures tool accuracy, aligning with customer requirements.

Additionally, the insert is easy to install. Each insert can be put into use by simply locking it with one screw at the recommended torque value. There is no need for a separate insert adjustment process, which greatly saves time and reduces the labor intensity of workers. Even without professional insert adjustment conditions, Worldia's product allows customers to use it with peace of mind.


  • Remarkable Economic Efficiency

Each insert is installed twice vertically and horizontally, theoretically maximizing the use of all 8 cutting edges to ensure efficient utilization of the insert.

This design decreases the tooling costs for our customers while showcasing the scientific, rational, and economical characteristics of high-precision tools.


  • Highly Efficient Productivity

Our cutters are available in a wide range of diameters, from Ф80mm to Ф250mm. The close teeth design enables high feed milling and a high metal removal rate, resulting in higher productivity in an efficient machining process.


  • Milling Instead of Grinding

High-precision cutters, inserts for vertical and horizontal installation as well as various cutting edge designs and wipers, its multiple edge design with the finishing insert, to build a three-layer cutting edge structure. This design enables the tool to process from semi-finishing to finishing, meeting the need for high surface finish and achieving superior machining results by milling instead of grinding.


  • Long Edge Milling Advantages

Insert with an edge length of 12mm can achieve sidewall milling length up to 11mm which is particularly suitable for the efficient machining of cavity sidewalls.


  • Wide Range of Applications

The FMP-LN milling cutters offer a wide range of PCBN and carbide edge and insert edge designs for a wide range of machining conditions, from roughing to finishing, in both cast iron and hardened steel materials.


  • Specification of Milling Cutter
  • Specification of Milling Insert



  • Requirements of customer

A customer from Wolrdia sought to improve the efficiency of processing the bed of a die-casting machine made of ductile iron QT500-7. The initial method involved rough milling followed by finish grinding, but this approach was inefficient and failed to meet the required surface accuracy. Despite testing various types of alloy and super-hard tools, the customer could not achieve the desired processing outcomes.


  • Solution from Worldia

The Worldia solution uses an FMP-LN milling cutter with a diameter of D160mm (cutter: FMP160SC40-LN12-20) and milling inserts (LNHX120508PNSN and LNHX120516PNSN-WG).


  • Cutting data

N=1200rpm/min F=1200mm/min


  • Cutting result

The Worldia tools demonstrated exceptional performance by achieving a remarkable surface roughness of Ra < 0.8 after rigorous testing. As a result, our tools effectively processed six machine tool beds using milling instead of grinding, significantly improving processing efficiency and meeting the customer's specific requirements.


  • Summary

The case highlights the remarkable performance of the Warldia FMP-LN square shoulder milling cutter in machining large iron castings. Through careful tool selection and parameter optimization, we effectively achieved an efficient milling process to replace grinding, resulting in significant economic advantages for the customer. This success further exemplifies Worldia's professional expertise and innovative capabilities in super-hard cutting tools.

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