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Worldia EMO2023 Exclusive Preview!

Worldia Exclusive Preview: Get a First Look at the EMO HANNOVER 2023

We are excited to share with you the advanced technologies and innovative products that will be available at the exhibition from September 18th to September 23rd. Visit us in Hall 4, Booth A713 to explore Worldia's latest products, technologies, and services.

Discover Our Highlights:
►  PCD/PCBN Super-hard Cutting Tools  
We will show an extensive range of PCD/PCBN superhard cutting tools, including MANANOVA PCD/PCBN standard inserts, PCD/PCBN indexable face milling cutters, customized PCBN inserts, PCBN threading/grooving tools, PCBN milling cutters for ball screw threads, CV joint super-hard tool solutions, and the innovative PCD micro drills.
These products have been widely used in various industries such as automotive manufacturing, rail transportation, nuclear power, and wind power, also including areas like wind turbine bearings and gears.

►  PCD Customized Solutions in NEV   
We will also present PCD customized tools for high efficient machining for NEV, such as motor housings and heat pumps. These tools not only guarantee precision requirements but also enhance machining efficiency.

►  Carbide Tools and Rods  
Worldia's carbide tools are a valuable addition to our existing product lines. The upcoming EMO Hannover 2023 will feature three main products. Firstly, solid carbide tools are used for both composite and metal materials in aerospace industry. Secondly, carbide turning inserts with PVD-coating (CT5015) are widely used for high-temperature alloys and others. Also, we will show carbide rods, which are commonly used in production of drills and end mills.

► MCD (Monocrystalline Dimond) Tools  
With over 50,000 customizable MCD tools available, which have been used for precision parts in various industries, such as 3C, optical components, medical equipment, and precision molds. We will be exhibiting our core products - MCD super-precision turning tools, MCD four-fluted drills, and other tools.  

PCD/CVD Super Hard Materials   
Worldia will show PCD/CVD super hard materials, designed with independent core technologies and featuring PCD composite blanks, CVD monocrystalline and polycrystalline materials.

Lets taking this opportunity participate in the EMO Hannover 2023, you will definitely be able to find what you need at Worldia booth.
We are looking forward to welcoming you at booth A713 in hall 4!

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