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MANANOVA-CNGA Type PCBN/CBN Stock-Keeping ISO Standard Insert

Model: CNGA
Availability: Delivery time within max. 1 week
Place of origin: Beijing,China
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Description Material Introduction Specification
MANANOVA Introduction
MANANOVA is the name for Worldia‘s stock-keeping standard product portfolio.
It provides best-in-class high-quality products within a wide range of most-common applications at very attractive prices.
Each item has an inventory code which simplifies the order process.

MANANOVA products will be delivered directly from our warehouses to any global destination within max. 1 week.
MANANOVA product range currently covers PCD and PCBN ISO inserts as well as indexable PCD and PCBN milling cutters with associated inserts.
WORLDIA Standard CBN turning insert can be used in many fields including automotive industry, and energy equipment industry etc. It is an ideal tool to cut and process different materials such as hardened steel,cast irons and sintered irons as well as powder metallurgy components.
  • Hardened steel
  • Cast irons 
  • Ductile Iron
  • Power Metallurgy
Material Introduction - Easy choice for PCBN Grade
  • ISO H: Hardened Steel
  • ISO K: Cast Iron
  • ISO S: Powder Metallurgy

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